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Making Artisan Cheeses

Hand Crafted Goodness

We are passionate about making great cheese and that passion drives every decision we make. Our dairy is divided into three areas: the milking parlor, bulk tank room and cheese making room.

It all starts in the milking parlor where we milk our goats twice daily. Many other cheeses are made from milk that is purchased from other producers and often frozen. At the Dapper Goat Dairy, the entire cheese making process, from milking to packaging and sale, happens on site to ensure consistent quality, texture and taste.

From the milking parlor, our goat milk goes to the bulk tank room where it is stored in the bulk tank at a cool temperature within 45 minutes of milking. Next, the milk goes to the pasteurizer in accordance with state regulations. Then we add our special natural vegetable starter and rennet to begin the transformation from milk to our delicious chevre cheese.

This mixture is transferred to the cheese room where it hangs in large cheesecloth sacks to separate any remaining whey from the curds. The cheese is then wrapped in cloth and stored overnight in the refrigerator. The cheese is then seasoned and packaged for sale.

Chevre cheese being processed at The Dapper Goat Dairy

The Dapper Goat Dairy

Waelder, Texas
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