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Happy, Healthy Goats = Great Cheese & Soap

Good milk is key to making great cheese and soap and good milk comes from happy, healthy goats.

That’s why the Dapper Goat Dairy was designed and is managed to maintain the health and happiness of our prized goats. Our goats roam and forage on pristine, sustainable pastures during the daytime and retire to a clean, well-ventilated barn in the evening. We are dedicated to a standard of excellence that is based on humane treatment, good breeding practices and providing specially blended feed to ensure the health of our goats.

And then there’s the secret ingredient – LOVE. We love our goats!

We currently have two breeds of dairy goats at the Dapper Goat Dairy – Saanen and LaMancha. Our Saanen goats are pure white and hail from Switzerland. They are valued for their high quality, abundant milk production and their calm, sweet nature. Our LaMancha goats got their start on the West Coast by way of early Spanish settlers. They are also known for excellent production and the fine quality of their milk. LaMancha goats can be any color and are easy to recognize because their ears are so small that it looks like they don’t have ears at all!

The goats live on a steady supply of alfalfa, high-protein goat feed, weeds and mesquite leaves, and are quite happy to get acquainted with humans who offer to hand feed them.

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