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The Dapper Goat Dairy

Hand Crafted Artisanal Cheeses & Natural Goat Milk Soaps

Adult and kid sane goats from Dapper Goat Dairy.

Now Offering Raw Goat Milk

The Dapper Goat Dairy produces cheese made fresh daily using milk from our prized Saanen and LaMancha goats and top-quality, locally sourced ingredients. We currently produce chevre cheese and will soon produce feta and ricotta cheeses at our state-of-the-art, Grade A inspected dairy.

We also make a variety of handcrafted soaps with our fresh goat milk and pure essential oils. The natural properties found in goat milk produce a soap that is moisturizing and gentle. Perfect for all skin types.

The Dapper Goat Dairy

Waelder, Texas
(713) 515-0333